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Our limited spraytan kit has everything you'll need to achieve a salon quality spraytan from home in under 60 seconds!

Included in the kit

  • Tanrevel PRO Spraytan Device - Achieve a sun kissed tan in 15 seconds from home.
  • Original Refill (100 ml) - vegan and caring tanning formula
  • Tanrevel ONE Spraytan Device - The portable spraytan device is the perfect choice when you’re on-the-go (Value 79.99 €)
  • Luxury Dark Refill (60 ml) - The influencer favorite gives you a more intense tan. (Value 29.99 €)
  • Hairband - Our premium and reusable hairband keeps your hair covered. (Value 8.90 €)

How to use

Spray it & love it

Always a 1-year guarantee

When you shop directly from us.

Buildable tan

Choose your desired tan with the number of layers applied.
3 Powerful ingredients
Healthy & glow boosting

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the miracle cactus plant enriched with nutrients to enhance one´s healthy and glowy skin. It helps the skin to repair, hydrate, rejuvenates and acts a moisture barrier

Walnut extract

Walnut extract is from the shell of the nut and is an ideal ingredient to incorporate into skin care products. It gives a natural olive tone and is used successfully in self-tanning sprays to give you that natural looking glow.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that acts as a shield against harmful damages from UV rays. It's used to boost uneven skin tones, rough textures, fine lines, scaring and general dullness of the skin. Vitamin C heightens smoother appearance - the smoother the skin, the better the tan!


Who is Tanrevel?

Tanrevel´s mission & vision is to create quality products that contain all the benefits of natural sunlight without the harmful effects. Our products are vegan & cruelty free and are loaded with healthy nutritious ingredients like Aloe Vera & Vitamin C. For an even and natural glowing tan (without peeling, pigmentation or skin cancer risks) our self tanning products win every time!

– Christian


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